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Circuit Card Assemblies

The RTS engineering model shop, in conjunction with local circuit board manufacturers, fabricates selected out-of-production circuit cards and electronics assemblies.  Test fixtures are designed, when required, to support first article and final test to meet applicable manufacturer’s design and test specifications.  The model shop is set up for low quantity production while keeping cost at a mini

Electromechanical AssembliesWires

High voltage coils, transformers, power supplies and communication antennas are among the items also produced by RTS. Utilizing offsite manufacturing sources, their production is monitored and acceptance testing witnessed by RTS engineering personnel.

Mechanical Assemblies

Working with local machine shops, RTS engineering supervises production of casting and machined parts and assemblies.

Cable Assemblies

Engineering supervises production of custom RF and microwave cable assemblies, coax and cable harness assemblies for radar and other electronic system applications.